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Jun 14, 2018

Joseph Luk is a team lead at Bell Canada managing complex corporate deals. He has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry.  

Outside his corporate role, he also teaches at local colleges and has spent years offer coaching services, with a focus on career transition to help students and professionals to achieve their career goals.  Joseph has successfully mentored individuals in the past 10 years by listening, providing support and offering timely feedback to help guide their careers.  You can find out more information about Joseph's coaching practice at: 

Joseph and I had a lively discussion in this podcast. Here are few key points:

  • Take action in advancing your career - career development is a path with many baby steps.  The most important thing is not to stop.
  • Collaborate with others to learn from others - it’s important to work with and learn from other subject matter experts
  • Embrace the North American culture - the quicker that you can integrate yourself in the North American working culture the faster your career can grow
  • Reach out to different cultural groups to stretch your social network and to gain a better understanding of different cultures
  • For cross-cultural professionals, Take advantage of your cross-cultural heritage and offer different perspectives to your team.