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Feb 12, 2018

Sridhar Ramchanran is the Senior Manager of BMO Wealth Management in the US.  Sridhar has extensive experience across multiple industries from Consumer Products to Consumer Electronics / Technology to Financial Services.  He has worked in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America.  

Sridhar and I have known each other for over 10 years.  His positive attitude, empathy towards others and his authenticity help propel his professional life.  In this podcast, Sridhar shares practical career advice to cross-cultural professionals.  

Here are some of Sridhar’s suggestions to cross-cultural professionals:

  1. Be determined - you have to back yourself up with confidence.  You overcame many obstacles to move to a new country so don’t let anything to stop you in developing your career in North America.
  2. Be solution driven - customize your unique experience with the problems of your new employers.  Be a champion of problem solving.
  3. Be open-minded with a positive attitude - there could be a tendency for immigrants to hold on to our past success at the home countries.  Be open to try new things.  Should things not come to your preferred way, you need to be open for new opportunities.
  4. Be authentic and be true to yourself and others - embrace changes and help others along the way.
  5. Learn how to effectively communicate to your North American peers.  There could be a tendency for cross-cultural professionals to mingle with colleagues from the same ethnicity.  Set up objectives to widen your social and professional network.

Hope you’ll enjoy this episode.