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Apr 16, 2018

Hao Huang is the Director of Brand & Digital Strategy at Glentel Wireless.  Glentel is one of the largest mobile phone retailers in Canada. Prior to Glentel, Hao was the Head of Creative at Sony North America. 

Growing up in Toronto, Hao started his career in copy-writing at an advertising agency. In this podcast, Hao shares career advice for cross-cultural professionals.  Here are some highlights:

  • Deliver excellent quality of work is a baseline. Your career is not a straight line. Having had failures in the early stage of career can be valuable - it’s not just ok to fail, sometimes it’s good to fail so you can learn.
  • Communication skill is the ability to tell your story and the ability to bond with your team.  To excel at work place, you will need sell your ideas like Hao did when he was at the advertising agency.  Come off as “likeable” can make your job much easier. Understand your audiences and adjust your communication style accordingly.
  • Be open minded and be observant - as a cross-cultural professional, you probably were not raised as your North American peers who learned the subtlety of communications when they were young.  It’s important to be observant of your North American peers’ communication style and to keep an open-mind so you can adjust yours.