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Oct 15, 2017

In this episode, I will discuss the story behind this podcast project.

Let me first start with a brief self-introduction.  My name is Samuel Yip and I am the host of this show. Currently I am the Head of Marketing at eBay Canada.   Prior to joining eBay, I was the Director of Digital Marketing at Janssen, the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson and Johnson.  At Janssen, I was the leader of the Employee Resource Group, ASIA (Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement), which has the mandate to provide leadership development opportunities to employees. I also spent over 10 years with Sony.  During my time with Sony, I lived in Tokyo for a year and led TV marketing for the Middle East region.   Outside of my work, I am a regular guest lecturer in marketing at University of Toronto and Sheridan College in Toronto.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people from all around the world in different continents, and have developed a great appreciation of how people from different cultural background work together.

Since many years ago, I have started my journey of looking into career development for cross-cultural professionals. I have done lots of research, from reading books to studying academic papers.  When I was at J&J I had the opportunity to interview many cross-cultural staff members to understand their stories.  Through my personal professional experience and interviews with successful professionals in North American corporations, I recognize that there are often the misunderstanding of the cultural values between cross-cultural professionals and their North American colleagues and managers in the workplace.

As a first-generation immigrant to Canada, I have first-hand experience of how my Asian cultural values have influenced my way of thinking, my professional behaviors, career advancement and management style.  If I knew what I know now 15 years ago, I probably will do things differently in my career development.  I am hoping this podcast can provide insights and tips to cross-cultural professionals so they can achieve their goals with confidence.

So why podcast?  I have been a mentor in many 1:1 mentorship, and I have been a speaker in different career development workshops. Although the experience is very rewarding, I feel the impact is limited as I can only interact with a small number of audiences.  When I discuss this challenge with friends in the industry, it came to me that it would be great if I can capture and broadcast the conversations and discussions with the business leaders that I know. Combining my personal experience and interviews with leaders in North American corporations, I hope this podcast series can offer our listeners valuable insights, practical solutions, and tools to help overcome the career challenges that they face in seeking career advancement.